The Importance of Water in Winter for our Skin

So disciplined with Water in Summer – In Winter are we so good?

One of the most popular accessories in the summer months has to be our bottle of water. We just can’t seem to function without a bottle of  designer water during the long warmer days.  Who would leave the house without one? But who’s desk is lacking a bottle of H2O during winter? Is your skin is thirsty?

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Designer Water a Summer Essential

So what about the importance of water?  Do we really see water everywhere during the winter months in the same way as during the summer?  Is it grabbed for as we leave our homes along with your handbag or car keys?

In the winter are we more likely to have a nice hot cuppa?  A latte and a warm treat? Snuggled up by a cosy fire with some mulled wine?  The cosy culture during the colder weather is comforting and we tend not to crave water so much.

Consequences of Lack of Water

Who said our bodies change during winter?  The biology is still the same and our bodies still need plenty of water – don’t turn off the tap!  We can become dehydrated very quickly which can have an impact on how well we function at work and home.  Our skin can become dry and itchy – is this a symptom we just tend to put up with during winter – scaly skin and chapped lips? No-one wants dull dry and extra wrinkles but this is all too common an occurence.

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Focus on Water

Winter is the time to really focus on what we know is best for our bodies and our skin.

  • Focus on reaching for water when you are out.  A glass of water and a cup of tea.  A glass of water rather than a fizzy drink.  Make a water cocktail when out with friend – a cold glass of water , heaps of ice, lemon, lime, mint whatever you fancy!
  • Make sure you always have a bottle of water by your computer – set your phone to buzz every 30mins to take a zip or two.  Instead of going to the coffee machine have a drink of water.
  • Add some citrus fruit to the bottle for extra zest.  Even a drop of flavouring if it encourages you to drink .
  • Many of us have apps on our phone to remind us of how many steps , calories etc we are clocking up each day – set your app to remind you to drink water – you can monitor the results every evening on the dashboard.
  • Who loves their designer detox teas?  Very popular these days – why not just swap out a tea for a hot lemon water – it will do your insides the world of good too!  If you can start the day with a hot lemon water.  Detox at its best I find.
  • I recently saw an amazing crystal studded water bottle – not everyones choice but I loved it (I love anything Bling).  Buy yourself a good quality water bottle and make sure you empty it each day.

Skincare Hydration

Hydration comes from external sources too including cleansers, toners, hydrogels, exfoliators, moisturisers, oils & serums. Check out our range of Super Moisture Boosting Organic Products Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell at

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Make sure you add in some super booster moisturising products in your routine. We would recommend

Heaven Skincare SOS Oil

Packed with super foods for your skin – Calendula officinalis, Rosa canina L Olea europaea L, Vitis vinifera L, Glycine max, Daucus carota L, Alpha-tocopherol.  Use for dry or oily skin.  Contrary to popular belief; oil stops the oil. This oil helps to balance the oil levels and hydrate and feed the skin. The vitamin content can help to repair acne, scars and damaged skin. SOS Oil has also been proven to shrink warts, spots, blackheads and even stretch marks due to its antiviral properties. Can be added to moisturisers or used on dry hair and nails to soften and repair.

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Heaven Skincare SOS Oil

Heaven Bee Venom Mask

The signature product that has gained a worldwide reputation. A revolutionary organic cream that works to control the facial muscles for tightening, firming and lifting; whilst penetrating fine lines, frown lines and wrinkles and giving that immediate anti-ageing effect. ABEETOXIN® is the natural alternative to botox and has healing properties making it great for those with blemished skin, rosacea, eczema, dry and mature skin. Contains the venom of the worker bee. A super Boost of Moisture.

Heaven Overnight Success Oxygen Cream

The moisturiser that works overnight to release oxygen to detoxify skin and replenish. Perfect for dull or damaged skin that needs replenishment thanks to its vitamin B5 content. Can be used in the day too, perfect on a warmer day to feed your skin. Has anti-ageing properties and increases collagen production and elasticity. Can also keep acne at bay and help to control rosacea.

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Heaven Skincare Over Night Success Oxygen Cream